Reason why Dr. Ogita started to assist the patient from overseas

Because OK-432 was not distributed outside Japan, the only way to receive therapy was if one traveled to Japan. In addition, expenses to receive the OK-432 therapy also required a full month of accommodations per session of treatment - full treatment requiring several sessions. Wanting to help children from abroad unable to receive the OK-432 therapy due to financial difficulties, Dr. Ogita established the "Little Carlos Fund" (named after the patient from which the fund was established) in September 1992 to help raise funds for these children. (As to the details, please refer to the next article: Presentation "Together with Little Carlos".)

Thereafter, as an objective to equally treat all children diagnosed with lymphatic malformations despite medical circumstances and financial problems, Dr. Ogita and the Little Carlos Fund started to assist patients of lymphatic malformations by undertaking the following procedures:

  1. Disclosure of information on OK-432 therapy online
  2. Offer of OK-432 (Picibanil) upon request
  3. Leadership and assistance in education in treating lymphatic malformations

Step by step, Dr. Ogita's efforts paid off. Doctors and medical institutions from many countries began to support OK-432 therapy, and the number of patients able to get treatment in one's home country has been rising steadily.