About application of OK-432

As OK-432 is the medicine of lyophilization, it is suspended in isotonic sodium chloride solution to prepare 0.05-0.1 KE/ml solutions for lymphatic malformation treatment. As a general rule, the dosage equals the amount of aspirated fluid collected from lymphatic malformation. The maximum dosage is 2 KE/injection. In this context, generally, 1-5 KE Picibanil injection is enough for a course of treatment per lymphatic malformation patient. We usually supply the 1 KE vials of OK-432, and the 5 vials/box package.

We are concerned whether your patient has already received other treatment (i.e. surgical operation). For your information, when OK-432 was used as an initial therapy, the results were excellent. Total or almost total shrinkage of the lesions was noted in more than 70% of the patients treated with this therapy. However, when OK-432 was used secondary to incomplete surgery, only 36% of those patients showed favorable results.

1.0 KE (Klinische Einheit/Clinical Unit) = 0.1 mg (dried bacterial cells)