Dr. Shuhei Ogita's Heritage

Kazuaki Tokiwa, MD, PhD, Vice President
National Hospital Organization Maizuru Medical Center

I am now taking care of more than 100 patients who have vascular malformations. Most of them are the patients of having lymphatic malformations and Dr. Ogita had taken care of the majority of them. Almost every week I give treatment to them with OK-432 therapy, which was developed and disseminated by Dr. Ogita. I understand that I must have given anxiety and concern to many of them when I succeeded his work without enough time to know each other due to sudden death of Dr. Ogita. Recently I have realized that I am following part of his work, and at the same time, I feel the light and the shadow that Dr. Ogita must have experienced since he had decided as his life work to fight against intractable diseases.

Dr. Ogita was once engaged in treatment and research of pediatric malignant tumors, and I was the only student who was guided by him in the doctoral course study. My research theme was on treatment method ofn neuroblastoma, one kind of pediatric malignant tumors. Dr. Ogita taught me from the beginner's course on the detailed methodology of how to handle experimental animals, how to analyze research results, and how to write a technical the dissertationpaper. He accompanied me at my first trip to an international conference, and his various scientific activities influenced me greatly when I made a decision on my future as a medical scientist. Therefore, it is my expression of condolence and appreciation to Dr. Ogita to succeed be his successor in the clinical medicine that was developed by him.

Lymphatic malformations are morphologically classified as macrocystic, microcystic, and their mixture. As is well known at present, OK-432 therapy is dramatically effective for the treatment of macrocystic malformations. When they actually see the complete recovery of the body and the spirit distorted by the swollen malformations, the patients as well as their families are extremely pleased. At that moment Dr. Ogita was surely in the light to see them through his glasses. But, it is difficult to treat microcystic and mixed type malformations, and Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber syndrome, and there can be the cases when OK-432 therapy is not effective enough to cure. Even in on those occasions, Dr. Ogita had been standing face to face with the patients of these diseases. Sometimes in the unforeseeable situation like groping in the total darkness, Dr. Ogita encouraged patients and their families with his exceptionally strong spirit. I am deeply impressed with his shadow when I recall Dr. Ogita's continued effort as a medical doctor because these diseases are intractable. But, when Dr. Ogita smiled to at the patients and their families hiding his shadow, they must have perceived him to be a savior like a big tree standing firmly in a desert.

Dr. Ogita's great achievement in the treatment of lymphatic malformations is now internationally accepted and followed. But, even if he is crowned with glory, it was natural for him as a medical doctor to throw a light on the people who came to him for help and who got were deeply wounded in their heart. And it must be what he would like to teach us as a most respectable doctor to make treatment with the same eye level as those of the patients and their families. I wish to be as close as to the ideal of a doctor that Dr. Ogita showed us by devoting himself for the treatment of the patients. And I believe it is to revere the memory of Dr. Ogita to make it my mission.

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