Condolence Messages from all over the world

Zacharias J. De Langen
Pediatric Surgeon, Department of Surgery Groningen University Hospital

I received your message this morning and we here were all shocked by the death of my dear colleague Shuhei Ogita. I will send his family a letter of condolence soon. I visited him two times, in May 1991 and in 1996. By the first occasion we were able to set up a collaboration and I spend a wonderful time in Kyoto and even was invited for dinner at his house. That was an extraordinary experience for a European. We kept in good contact since. In 1996 I visited him again, at that time accompanied by my wife. We had a good arrangement for the provision of OK-432 tot our Pharmacy department. We noticed already that something was wrong in February, since the ordered OK-432 did not arrived. On the 4th of April I send him a E-mail and didn't received an answer. That was very unusual for him. Did he suffer from a serious illness? Although I promised to evaluate the patients treated here since 1991 (about 100 patients) I was not able to finish that last year. To my utmost regret dr. Ogita will not be able to discuss this evaluation and the possible article anymore. That makes me very sad.

Please accept our sincere condolences for the staff and collaborators of the Children's Research Hospital, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine on behalf of our Pharmacy Department and the staff of our Pediatric Surgery Division of our Surgery Department.